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The hearth [fire place] of the shaman has long been a place of meeting, discussion, and counsel. Welcome to my hearth.

Please select your topic of interest from below, and enjoy. Craig

Shamanic Life Coaching and Counselling: Online consultations via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype or facetime. More information and requests for sessions can be found on THIS PAGE, which includes prices and payment options.

Personal Exploration And Re-authoring Series (PEARS): A personal development series presented in three stages, concepts and foundations, mapping where you are, and active re-authoring. The PEARS program is also designed to prepare participants to take part in our retreat program. An overview of the program and its articulations can be found HERE, and you can receive access via THIS FORM (with details of the free and subscription options for the program.)

Huachuma Plant Sacrament Ceremony: Those serious about looking deeply into themselves are invited to participate with us in a Huachuma Ceremony (also called wachuma, or San Pedro cactus). Ceremony is held above Coya, 10 minutes north of Pisac, in the Sacred Valley, Peru. Participants have onsite accommodation options, or can easily transport from Pisac, Urubamba or Cusco (drivers available). Ceremony convenes at 7am, and participants are required to remain onsite until the circle is closed between 2-3:30pm, dependent on the progress of participants. A comprehensive Plant Sacrament Safety information booklet is available for online access HERE. The ceremony participation application form can be found HERE.

Articles and Writings: A collection of health, science, and shamanic articles and writings, many with resource links.

Residential Retreat Program: Our small group residential retreats are specifically for those seeking a safe space of integrity, honour and effect in which to explore themselves in a safely held space. Our retreat program is aimed very much at those wanting to effect real and material change in their lives. Two formats are available. Option 1 is a fast track retreat with a more compressed schedule that is available in 6N/7D, 8N/9D, and 13N/14D options. Option 2 is a general retreat available in 11N/12D and 17N/18D options. The essential difference is the fast track program has one day of rest between ceremonies, and the general retreat has two days rest following each ceremony. The general program is far more suited to first time retreats and those who can take the time. Expressions of interest for our 2018 program, commencing in March, can be emailed to us HERE

Shamanic Understandings and Concepts: A relatively casual, interview format, series of article discussing the conceptual frameworks and understandings within shamanic practice. read more HERE.

Personal Clearing: Craig’s specialty is the neutralization of curses, stagnations, and possessive entities. Consultations of this nature can be requested by emailing HERE in the first instance.

Myotherapy: Available on a case by case basis only, Craig will still see myotherapy clients on a limited availability only. All appointments are above Coya, or can be onsite only where a suitable treatment table and space is available. (If in a hotel, ask at reception as they often have a table and area available. For visiting services, travel and expenses are extra.) Details can be found on THIS FACEBOOK GROUP.

DIY Simple Ceremonies: Simple ceremonies that you can perform at home to effect changes. From a clearing a space of stagnant energies, to breaking free of old patterns and relationships, these ceremonies are safe, “non-denominational”, and require no more than the ability to focus on the intent and actions described on each page. Read more HERE.

Center and Lodge Clearing: For operators of lodges and retreat centers who need their land brought back to neutral. For those local to the Cusco/Sacred valley region, a monthly or quarterly maintenance service is available. (More distant locations only by special arrangement.) Major clearings and complex cleanings are on a per diem basis, and in cases like graveyard or crypt releases and clearings, a multiday residential visit will be required. Please see our services page HERE for more information.

Shamanic Training: Strictly on a case by case basis, Craig will work residentially with individuals and selected small groups already representing and holding ceremonies or in practice. Please email by clicking HERE to discuss your needs.



  4 Responses to “Shaman’s Hearth Home Page”

  1. I love your site Craig – the groundedness and humour. Looking forward to reading more. x Pollyanna

  2. Thank you for your welcome Craig, I feel at home in your refreshing authenticity. I know why I have found you only now at this time, and it is a soft but strong validation for me. So happy to be on my path, the path thats right for me and hopefully for my brothers and sisters I meet along the way. I know I have found one of my teachers and that I will enjoy the siteWarm regards, Carel

  3. Thank you Pollyanna, I am finally getting back to the site after moving counties to Peru. it has been an interesting ride, but a lot of new material is on its way :).

  4. You are most welcome Carel, and thank you for commenting. My only advice to those new to this side is please use critical judgement and discernment in accepting any theory, legend, practice etc. As a comment on another page said, there are far more pretenders than genuine. Genuine shamanic practices should yield immediate and measurable, objective results, just as any other branch of health care.
    En Ayni, Craig.