Huachuma Plant Sacrament Ceremony


Huachuma Plant Sacrament Ceremonies

>>> Read the Plant Sacrament Ceremony Safety book here. <<<

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We offer three ceremony services: Casual ceremony – one full day of huachuma ceremony; Retreat – programmed ceremonies within a retreat structure; and External Work – where we help you out with your ceremony or group.

Our ceremony style is very quiet and respectful to the processes of the participants. We gather around 7am, and aim to have served the sacrament by 7:30am on the day of ceremony. After journeying for about three to four hours, water can be consumed again. About an hour and a half after water has begun, some fruit will be brought out, and a small hiatus taken in the journey before the final ceremony ‘wave’ of medicine and realisations come through. We typically close circle around 2:30-3pm.

Our small group ceremonies are held above Coya, following the Sacred Valley for about ten minutes north of Pisac, and another 12-15 minutes up an eastern valley. We strongly recommend using one of our reliable drivers who can bring you directly to the house.

Meal: Fruit for lunch during ceremony is supplied.

What to bring: This is the Andes. Lots of layers and covers for dealing with cold, wind, rain, sun, and heat. Sun protection and at least a litre of water. We have little issue with biting insects, but if worried, loose fitting long sleeves and pants are the best option to prevent bites. Electronic devices (Phones, cameras etc.) are not required in ceremony, and generally cause far more distraction than benefit.

What to do next: Read the Plant Sacrament Safety booklet, which includes more about during and after ceremony. After reading the Plant Sacrament Safety booklet, if you are feeling called to drink, complete an application HERE to attend an upcoming ceremony.