Personal Exploration And Re-authoring Series – P.E.A.R.S.


Personal Exploration And Re-authoring Series (P.E.A.R.S.)

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The Personal Exploration And Re-authoring Series is a program presented in three stages. Written specifically to prepare people for entry into our residential retreat program, this series is also suitable for anyone seeking a deeper insight into themselves. Whilst written from shamanic principles, there is nothing in this series that will require contravention of religious beliefs. In its essence, shamanism is simply observational medicine and care. You will be presented information without dogma or doctrine. In every case, you will be offered thoughts, concepts, and alternate points of view that may provide a key to your personal happiness and fulfilment.

There are two strands to this offering, a free option and a subscription offering. The essential difference is the subscription option offers extended podcasts or webinars for each episode of all three stages of the PEARS program (free users have access to the extended information for Stage One). Only subscribers have access to Stage Three (Active Re-Authoring) as the exercises there are intense, and require personal coaching and support to negotiate safely and to the greatest benefit.

The program is presented in three stages. An overview of the program and its articulations can be found HERE, and you can receive access via THIS FORM (with details of the free and subscription options for the program.)

Stage One: Concepts, frameworks and understandings. In this section, we explore and develop many tools to begin framing our understandings. From seemingly simple concepts like neutrality and acceptance, through to understanding some of the concepts of NLP, Stage One introduces a series of inter-related concepts that equip the reader to move forward into Stage Two.

Stage Two: Establishing exactly where you are. Applying many of the tools from Stage One, we begin to use them now to examine ourselves, identifying more clearly our motivations and our blind spots. A metaphor for this section is similar to examining a map. The very first thing you need, after a destination, is to locate yourself in relation to the path leading to your desired destination. At mental, emotional, spiritual, and experiential levels, Stage Two is about helping you to identify and understand exactly where you are.

Stage Three: Active re-authoring. This stage is where you will have interactive exercises designed to test boundaries and self-limitations. During Stage Three, you will receive and return sets of exercises, with active feedback and guidance from our coaches, designed to help you explore methods and techniques for re-authoring your life.

The PEARS program then articulates to our Residential Retreat Program.

A follow up subscription for support and coaching is available after retreats, and runs for 12 months. This is very encouraged as it takes application and understanding to take lessons learned in retreat back into the real world.

Stage One is currently in Beta Development. Those interested in participating in the Beta Program can browse the current offerings below. Please note, Until published in beta version, the links below will take you to the Draft versions of each episode in Google Docs.

001: Welcome and Introduction to the Shaman’s Hearth, Personal Exploration and Reauthoring Series.    BETA DRAFT V 0.1.2

002: Objectivity, Subjectivity, and Observation and Knowledge Vs. Understanding.     Version 1.2 Draft

003: Stages of Personal Development and the qualities of Strength and Power.   Version 1.0 Draft

004: On the Qualities of Acceptance, and the Impossible Goal of Unconditional Love.     Version 1.0 Draft

005: False Dualities and qualities of Fear and Acceptance     Version 1.0 Draft

006: Maps, Terrain, and Perception: A deeper look into How Our Stories Write Our Scripts.     Version 1.0 Draft

007: Discerning of Personal Desires and Needs, and a Discussion of the Importance of Your Words.     Version 1.0 Draft