Shamanic Life Coaching and Counselling

The first question asked asked at this point is normally, “What can shamanic life coaching and counselling offer me?”

The short answer is, “Accountability, support, a helping hand, and an unforgiving mirror into your own processes.”

Life coaching is not about waving a magic wand and making everything better. It is about helping you to figure out what you really want for yourself, and what you don’t want for yourself. It’s about developing a relevant and cohesive strategy and tool-kit to achieve more of the life you do want.

The shamanic approach expresses mostly in the avoidance of physical goals and objectives, choosing to focus instead on internal aspects of self, and self-expression. You may have an issue with how you were treated in a given situation, but we will talk about how and why you felt your responses and reactions to those triggers. We will not be distracted by the stories of the events, but ask you to look deeper, behind, and underneath those stories, into the bigger reflection that is the basis of how this thing attached itself to your past.

“How is this different to other life coaching?”

Some life coaches will try to sell you on dreams of yachts, cars and luxury homes. This stuff is nice, but it still will not make you any happier. It might give you a better distraction level, but ultimately, it is hollow. We will work to find out who you are, and how you can express and be your fully authentic self, truly independent and uninfluenced by external conditions and factors. If the ‘benefits’ of the last sentence resonated far more with you than the first one did, read on.

“How is this different to other counselling?”

The first thing to state is that this service is not intended to replace traditional counselling services. We do not ‘treat’ specific psychological or psychiatric conditions. We do address directly the self-identified factors that might underlay an issue, but our offered process is one of facilitated self exploration. Whilst there could be good arguments made that this is similar to conventional therapies, our aim is not to treat a specific condition, but to help the client achieve their greatest chosen level of peace.

Techniques used

We will not rigidly adhere to any one school of therapeutic theory. In some cases, techniques used could be almost identical to other therapeutic modalities; for example, in presenting NLP concepts (Neuro Linguistic Programming), the techniques and frameworks of understandings are quite directly those of NLP as a modality.

In other cases, the approach offered is highly biased to a neutral shamanic bias in thinking, but could still be thought of as similar in approach with several technical schools. The behaviours and motivations of human beings have been studied for about as long as the human being have existed, so common overlap in behavioral understanding and behavioural therapies is inevitable.

Our coaching and counselling bias is very much to consider events and thoughts from an applied perspective of presence, neutrality and acceptance. This means offering those in consultation a view from a neutral place, encouraging recognition of what is fear based, and what is fear driven behaviour. Our shamanic approach will always be aimed at refocusing our clients into their most neutral and present state of acceptance and objectivity. In NLP terms, we aim to encourage the highest state of resourceful objectivity.

Our primary understanding and desired dynamic with our clients is one of active exploration and partnership, rather than an authority/learner style of dynamic. Nobody endorsed by Shaman’s Hearth will ever be a guru, or offer you answers and sound bites. Any answer that really means anything to you will come from a deeper understanding of the question that drove your exploration in the first place.

Where to from here?

The very first step is to start reading and exploring the PEARS program. Many of the concepts we would discuss in a coaching session are already contained in the PEARS program. You are more than welcome to use the PEARS program in conjunction with our coaching service, offering the opportunity to discuss and explore subjects in application to self in far greater detail and effect than might otherwise be possible.

When you are ready, please visit the Consultation Request Page. You will find the form to be quite detailed, but this is specifically to help you to sort through the issue in a clear and graduated manner. Many find that by the time they have completed the form, they have figured out the answer for themselves. We celebrate this. If you find this to be the case for you, please send in the form anyway, so we can see what was happening? Your feedback in this way helps us to formulate more effective and demanded topics and explanations.

The preferred form of contact in consultation is via Facebook messenger. We suggest this as a medium, as voice tends to allow excuses and first thoughts to pour out in distraction. When you type something, and re-read it before sending, you can often hear and see the patterns and underlying problems before hitting send. It also allows us all to revisit the transcript of what was said; a tool that is not available in straight voice communications.

Naturally, we also offer Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp, and Facebook voice communications too. video communication is unreliable in Peru, and will only be available if strong enough internet connection can be located.