Shamanic Understandings and Concepts


In this Introduction to Shamanic Understandings and Concepts:

You will find a series of transcript style pages which essentially make up the introduction to shamanic practices as described on this site.  Please see below for a full list of the subjects discussed.  Only registered users can comment to prevent spamming – free registration will give you access to the interactive parts of this site.  If you like a page, please let others know by clicking on the LIKE button for Facebook, thanks.

What is Shamanism?

Excerpt:  Shamanism might better be defined by first discussing what it is not. Shamanism is not a religion. Shamanism does not preclude or exclude any part of a religious faith (although organised religion is traditionally very jealous of its members and typically demonises and vilifies any thoughts outside of accepted dogma). Shamanism has no hierarchy, no levels of authority, no ‘certifying’ agency or board. Shamanism has no Holy Scriptures or universal doctrine.

Shamanic practice honours the spirit and soul of everything…..

What makes a Shaman a Shaman?

Excerpt:  There are a few essentials to be a considered a Shaman. An expensive and internationally recognised qualification is shamanism is NOT one of them. Being a member of a Shamanic Association is not a criteria either.

  • One needs to have a community that one serves.
  • One needs to work in conjunction with the natural and spiritual world to achieve balance and health at all levels.
  • One needs to be responding to a true calling, never working form a place of ego or self-importance. …..

Defining and Describing the Calling of a Shaman

Excerpt:  The ‘Calling’ is a huge part of Shamanism, and life! Many things we do because they are in front of us and need doing; this is life. Most, if not all of us, receive a calling at some stage in our lives. I consider the Calling something like the pressing need experienced by migratory animals to move to a new pasture. It is an imperative that all but forces a being upon a certain path.

Choice always exists. We have at least the illusion of free choice,..

The Illusion?

History will not be denied. We get to influence our little part of our corner of our universe, but we do not get to choose the direction of the universe. I guess the easiest way is to describe life like movie; each of us has a role. Some roles are starring roles for the big picture stuff; some roles are seemingly insignificant, ‘bit parts’. I say seemingly insignificant because many regard the idea of being a good mother as less worthy than being a prime-minister or president.

Who or What is God?

Excerpt:  God? Isn’t the ‘God Concept’ a construct of religion and pretty far away from Shamanism?

No, not as far as you might think. Please bear in mind that I am relating only my reality and my understanding here. I can not speak for all shamans just as I can not speak for all myotherapists when discussing myotherapy as I know it. I can only talk about my personal reality and my personally held understandings. Can you automatically insert, “As far as my understanding reaches…” in front of every statement on this page please?


The reality I call God is the sum of …

Reconciling Shamanism and Science: A New Reality

Excerpt:  Shamanism is not so far away from physics and science, it can’t be as it is a part of these things already! This is going to be a wild ride, so buckle in. I am going to have to go into physics a bit here, but will keep it as light as I can whilst preserving the essence of the explanation.

Let’s take a fast diversion to the origin of matter and the realm of Quantum Dynamics. When our physical universe formed from a massive outpouring of condensing energy, only three [stable] elements formed naturally, hydrogen …