The Three Kingdoms Concepts



The Three Kingdoms Concepts

Part Three of the Second Interview with Craig Berry on Modern Shamanism and it's Foundations

Can you expand on the Three Kingdoms?

I will, but please let me caution those seeking to journey to these levels only to do so for a very good reason and with very strong guidance and grounding with someone who is experienced in the nearer levels of the upper and lower kingdom. The danger of losing one's self is very, very real here and when lost in these realms, coming back pretty much doesn't happen.

That sounds dramatic!

Is a sign saying, "Warning, Mine Field, Do Not Enter" being dramatic if there are actually live mines in the field behind that sign?

No,.. but..

But nothing! These things are rarely discussed outside of shaman's circles. They exist outside of our linear references and as such, require extensive understanding or the mind that journeys within these realms loses it's linear anchor, literally getting lost in time. The net effect is that they become an idiot, insane and unable to function in any meaningful way in the real world. I have seen this personally and in my entire experience, I have only ever known one person to be retrieved when scattered in the lower kingdom's upper world. I have heard of others from sources I consider reliable who 'adventured' into these realms and were shattered and lost for good.

OK, consider me told!

(Laughs) Sweet – consider me lightening up a little now! (laughs again)

Shall we start with the Middle Kingdom then?

Actually, let's start with the lower kingdom. The three kingdoms are essentially extensions of the concepts of the three worlds, but taken a whole lot further.

The lower world of the lower kingdom is one of pure, non-linear potential. Timeless time and formless energy. It is literally the stuff of which everything is made. No-one journeys in there. There is nothing to be achieved or done in that realm as it is so far without references that even intention has no meaning. Lacking linearity, it does not have concepts like here and there, now and then and every other point of reference upon which we experience our lives. It is the single, non-linear moment of nearly infinite energy which feeds our physical universe time and energy.

The upper word of the lower kingdom is one of semi-linear time and energy streaming into galaxies and galactic systems. This is all pre-world stuff. If you remember the lower world described as one where energy forms into branches of continually more discreet forms, this is similar, but the forms are galaxies, not species and continents. Each final and discreet branch of this realm becomes in its next refinement the lower world of the middle kingdom of the physical structures it is forming.

Whilst there is no exact boundary to define in structural terms, the upper world of the lower kingdom kind-of stops at the galactic and system structures of our physical universe, with the middle kingdom taking over at the more discreet levels of specific systems and planets.

Let me say though, the idea of a clear division is not one which makes sense. The more pressing part of division comes in the form of time. In the middle kingdom, time is more linear in nature than it is not, with cause and effect, if not in clear dominance, at least in evidence. The lower and upper kingdoms are the other way around, where time is less linear and cause and effect are less than workable concepts. This is why these realms are so dangerous for a linear mind.

That sounds like we just covered the Middle Kingdom too?

Kind of. The middle kingdom is the most familiar to us. It is where the three worlds we've already discussed are. It is where we happen. It is our world of a ball getting thrown from A to B. A place where time runs from mostly linear to purely linear and back into mostly linear as it moves in energetic form from potential, through observation, into probability; or from energy into spirit through our familiar three worlds.

So the Upper Kingdom is spirit?

Yes, but not as we can fit into our terms of reference. Imagine the mirror of the structure of the lower kingdom, where all experience of all life and being an all worlds starts to coalesce into a melded super spirit which is losing its linear reference. The spirit of our galactic structures melding with the multitude of others into an increasingly less linear form. This is the lower world of the upper kingdom.

The final part, the upper world of the upper kingdom is again timeless, without any form of linearity we can recognize and as such, is to all intents and purposes infinite in nature. Nothing journeys into these realms as there is no purpose which can be retained here. It is the infinite memory of all of God. The Great Spirit of all Great Spirits of all worlds and realms. This final point is as close to infinite as makes sense using our linear references. It represents a pure expression of timeless probability.

There are very discreet, very rare times when a person may journey into the near worlds of the upper and lower kingdoms, but in the vast experience of most shamanic practitioners, there will never be a need to venture into these realms.

Have you?

I am not going to answer that one; sorry. I do not want to encourage adventure journeying nor discourage legitimate practice  I will say that I am aware of their existence and their dangers. Fair enough?

It's going to have to be it seems.

(Laughs, smiles and says no more.)

So where to from here? We've covered the kingdoms and three worlds. do you want to expand on what I've heard referred to as light and shadow practices?

Yes, but can we talk a little about the training of a practitioner first? This is something there is a lot of misinformation about.