D.I.Y. Simple Ceremonies


Listed here are a few simple, beautiful and safe ceremonies that anyone can perform for themselves.

You do not have to believe or not believe in God, you do not have to wash thoroughly and wear a long white robe or have flowers in your hair; unless you really want to of course.  All you need for any of these ceremonies is a clean intent.  The wish that everything that is touched by your actions is left in a happier, healthier, more free state of being.  That’s it, that’s the secret.

The Clearing Bowl

This is a beautifully simple ritual which allows for all levels of comfort in spiritual or energetic matters.  The primary thing required in this process is your clean intent, promoting and holding peace and love foremost in your mind.  If an energetic event or habit forms in an area, this too can be cleared using this procedure, including quasi-hauntings (described below).  If energy has accumulated and become stagnant, this ritual is an excellent way of releasing and mobilising that energy, clearing and cleaning that space. Also great for ‘cleaning’ items which hold the energy of another person or time.

A nice dawnMorning Renewal Ritual

This is a beautiful and easy ritual to perform, suitable for any spiritual level of comfort.  The goal of this ritual is reminding yourself of the power and beauty of nature, clearing out detritus and mobilising your own personal energy, finding a higher level of positive energy.

Finding Your Own PlaceDew-Drops

This simple visualisation is excellent for closing out chapters of your life when you feel like an old situation or being has undue presence in your life, spiritually.  Also excellent for working away from states of addiciton. You will find a journey beat an excellent aide during this visualisation.  If you don’t already have a good journey track, you can find some to download here.  I recommend a track with call-back until you are experienced in journeying.

auroraWalking in the Light

To lighten your load, mobilise your own energy and find more peace and ease  in your life, you can use this simple and effective ritual.  Make the final thought to have when dealing with, talking about, thinking about or interacting with any person; “May peace and love be with you.”  That’s it!  You do not have to say it out loud, but it helps. It is a statement which holds innately positive intent. When you wish a person peace and love, it changes the way YOU think; it changes the energy of your spirit. The statement’s intent brings a potential of positivity.