Clearing a Space of Negative or Stagnant Energy


The Clearing Bowl

This is a beautifully simple ritual which allows for all levels of comfort in spiritual or energetic matters.  The primary thing required in this process is your clean intent, promoting and holding peace and love foremost in your mind.  If an energetic event or habit forms in an area, this too can be cleared using this procedure, including quasi-hauntings (described below).  If energy has accumulated and become stagnant, this ritual is an excellent way of releasing and mobilising that energy, clearing and cleaning that space. Also great for 'cleaning' items which hold the energy of another person or time.

Stagnant [negative] energy is what you are working on with this ritual.  Stagnant energy accumulates through repetitive, restrictive thought patterns like fear, envy, jealousy etc.  Areas where unadvised spiritualistic rituals have been conducted can also accumulate large amounts of negative, stagnant energy quickly. When you hit a negative energy patch, you can feel its effects immediately as irritation, anger, fear, loathing etc. for no good reason; often way out of character or context.  (I entered a place during a real-estate open-house which turned out to be an ex drug-house and every couple/family in there were already niggling or fighting amongst themselves! Within a stagnant energy patch, it is hard to access your positive feelings and it is almost like gravity to fall into a negative frame of mind.)

A stagnant energetic accumulation is often mistaken for a haunting.  For example, think of an old man sitting in front of his TV every day and night for years before passing away, right there. This is such an habitual energetic signature that it can endure for years, often mistaken for a haunting. Glimpses of the person are common, as are smells and sounds.  Commonly reported signs also include someone whispering close by, deja vu, a reluctance to go into an area etc.  People can’t sit in the energetic accumulation, feeling wrong, ill or even repelled.  In rare cases, the energetic signature is so strong that it has formed a quasi-sentience of its own; in the rarest and most extreme of all cases, this is a potential poltergeist (a self perpetuating entity capable of trapping more energy via its own thought-form). Areas of ritualised cruelty, torture, incarceration etc are most prone to these rare and high levels of energetic accumulation.

(Real hauntings tend to be less impressionistic and far more experiential, with multiple sense and physical interactions common, rather than those signs described above. This ritual is not for use in working with actual hauntings; this requires a different process altogether.)

Areas of energetic release and liberation are charged with a higher potential of energetic movement.  If you have ever entered a place of real celebration, worship and reverence, you will find it almost impossible not to feel the positive energy of that place. Just as areas may accumulate stagnant energy, they may also be a place of dynamic mobilisation. When stagnant energy is released, the energetic release leaves its own signature of heightened action potential. Many individuals find peace, love and redemption in places of worship. Whilst many filthy things may be done in the name [excuse] of religion, a great many individuals have had their lives enriched greatly by a personal faith, which is the most positive energetic experience they can have.

Ingredients:  A simple white bowl of ceramic, glass, fired stone etc. (preferably not plastic or synthetic material though, more for safety reasons than spiritual though); a non-scented, white-wax candle, a cup or so of (cooking or table) salt and a little water.  A tea light candle is fine, you can leave it in the aluminum tray too.  This is not too technical, but please remember to think of safety too; we are using fire here.

Step 1 – Check your own intent before starting any part of this process.  The ONLY intent should be peace and love for all involved.  If you have a strong knowing of God, use prayer with clean intent for all and ask for His protection.  Remember that holding peace and love in your heart is all you have to do.  There is never any aspect of this process that is going to 'teach something or someone a lesson', use force or 'make' something happen.  This ritual is simply forming a doorway, a one-way means for stagnant energy to release itself back into mobile and dynamic energy, full of potential and free.  This is a win-win for all involved, representing the ideal of shamanic practice.

Step 2 – Place a small cup of salt into your bowl and add a little water, mixing until you have a rough paste that will shape to the side of the bowl.  Form the salt crust, lining the inside of the bowl, right up to the rim, taking care not to leave holes or gaps.  If you need a little more mixture, just throw it in and mix it up; it is pretty hard to get it wrong here, as long as the bowl is covered and the mixture seems stable enough, you’re all good.

Step 3 – Place the candle in the centre of the bowl, sitting on the salt crust base.  Take it into the area where you want the stagnancy cleared and fill yourself with the wish that all of the energy trapped in this place finds liberation and fulfillment through this doorway (clearing bowl).  Light the candle, observing the flame reflecting through myriad possibilities of the crystals of salt and invite all stagnant energy to use these reflections to remobilise and release itself with peace and love.

Step 4 – Let it alone.  Once the candle has gone out, it can be replaced with another, especially if a short burn time candle (like a tea-light) is all that is available.  I prefer to let the candle burn itself out, but can see no reason why it should not be blown out either.

Notes: There is no need to treat the bowl, candle stub or salt like toxic waste.  (Please don’t eat the salt though, it has probably had a lot of dust and crud fall into it over the hours it was alight!)  The energy is long gone, literally at the speed of light, so all you are left with is wax,salt and a bowl.  Place the bowl in the sun for a few minutes to release any last gunk (energetic goop) and you can either retire the bowl or keep it for another ritual.  Make sure you remember to wash the bowl before it goes back into general service, the salt often takes a bit of time to fully clean from the bowl's surface and will make your cereal taste unpleasant!

There is no need for a direct line of sight to the flame, just so long as the candle is the brightest light in the area to be cleared.  Whilst this generally means night time is best, use you own discretion.  The only thing that can go 'wrong' is having a brighter light source competing with the candle’s light, which must be the brightest light present for the clearing to work.

There is little else that can go wrong with this simple ritual.  Just keep a positive and clean intent, as we have discussed, and the negative energy should shift easily.  The worst case I have ever seen took nearly four weeks of continual ceremonies in all the bedrooms of one place where a LOT of dark things were done.

If you have an object or memento which needs ‘cleaning’ energetically, this too can be done by leaving the object in the room with the bowl when alight.  This is especially helpful if cleaning items from past relationships etc.

I tend to leave a bowl set up for ease of access whenever it is required.  If the salt crust breaks up, add a little more fresh paste and work it together.  You don’t even have to use new salt, just break it up with a little water and reform the clearing bowl again.

In Summary: There is little to go wrong and nothing too formal in this little ritual.  Your intent for the stagnant energy's freedom, with peace and love in your heart, is pretty much the magic ingredient. Enjoy and happy clearing.


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  1. This is a beautiful ceremony that I shall be practicing in a few areas of my home that need clearing.

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