Finding Your Own Place


This simple visualisation is excellent for closing out chapters of your life when you feel like an old or out-dated situation, relationship or being has undue presence in your life, spiritually.  Also excellent for working away from states of addiciton and finding peace with changing situations.

You will find a journey beat an excellent aide during this visualisation.  If you don’t already have a good journey track, you can find some to download here.  I recommend a track with call-back until you are experienced in journeying.

Intent: to really see the land upon which you stand; to see where your reality is basing itself, and why the other person or thing has such an influence over you.

Before you do this, stamp your feet a few times lightly so you are aware of the feeling of whatever is under your feet (shoes don’t matter). A blind-fold or darkened room is good too.  A tee-shirt over the eyes will do too.

Once you start the journey rhythm, just settle into the beat, if you feel yourself drifting, just go back to the beat and cultivate an awareness of the soles of your feet.  At some point, you will become aware that what is under your feet has changed.  You will find yourself in a fairly featureless and flat kind of terrain, often conceived of as a sandy kind of wasteland with no real colour, or a single dominant colour, with grey or un-healthy hues most common.

Once here, look to the horizon all around you, slowly and with no real searching intent, you are more intending to casually or even accidentally glance upon and notice a strip of light towards the horizon or a feature that doesn’t fit the terrain or ‘decor’.  Features can often be a tree, spire or similar, or even an oasis.  Once you have seen this place, simply let yourself ‘be’ there and take a single mental step across that divide so you are standing right at the edge of the light or feature, still on your old ground.

Now take a single mental step into the light, feeing the warmth, colour and abundance that occupies this space; your space.

Once oriented, turn and close the curtains to the old area, they will be just within reach of your outstretched arms, reaching impossibly high into the sky and seeming to flow through the ground too.  Say in your mind, “This is my land!”, fling the curtains closed, they will move without weight or effort.  As soon as they close, let go and take a step back as you watch the curtains seal themselves up their full length.

Now blow a stream of loving intent and the most positive hope for the happiness of that person or thing.  When I say blow, I actually mean set your intent, purse your lips and blow a stream of air physically into that space, against the curtains.  As the stream of your intent filled air moves the curtains, they will billow back as if struck by a cyclone; the purer your intent of positive, the greater this effect.  Only ever use positive intent in this process, ever!  You will see the curtains continue to blow, caught by something larger than you now, pushed further and further away from your land.  Soon the whole mess will congeal into a large ball and begin to glow, getting brighter and brighter until it is like a second sun, radiating positive energy and colouring your land with warmth, love and beauty.

You have now transmuted the psychic connection from a dominant and negative (stagnant) oppression into a colour filled and living liberation with no ill feelings, negative thoughts or impact remaining.  You have effectively deactivated the hold that thing or person had over you, not with force, but with love.  When everyone wins, the outcome fulfils the shamanic ideal of practice.  This can be repeated if you feel that you are slipping back into old patterns or thoughts.

Feel free to remain in your beautiful land for as long as you like.  When you are ready to return, Look at your new, beautiful, colour and life filled land and give gratitude and thanks to God and goodness.  Stamp your feet lightly, affirming that “this is my land!”.  Take a huge breath and blow downwards towards your feet in a single, noisy and unrefined blow.  Let your eyes open and you will feel present, awake and whole.  Now let your awareness of the feeling of your land come back to the edge of your perceptions and say again, “This is MY land!”.  Take a large breath and blow a positive, energetic and lovingly intent-full stream of air in a circle to you have ‘blessed’ the entire physical space you are in.  Let that blessing not stop at the walls, but flow out towards the horizon in a wave of peace and lightness.

Take a few minutes and be gentle with yourself before getting back into your day, released from the old feelings of oppression, knowing that you are now on your own land; in your own space and in your own place.