Morning Renewal Ritual


A nice dawnThis is a beautiful and easy ritual to perform, suitable for any spiritual level of comfort.  The goal of this ritual is reminding yourself of the power and beauty of nature, clearing out detritus and mobilising your own personal energy, finding a higher level of positive energy.

There is no prescription requirement; this can be performed every day or whenever you feel the need, or even just when you awaken early enough.  The major 'ingredients' here are your focused intent and the light of dawn, traditionally regarded as a time of renewal and life.

Procedure:  Just before the first rays of light from the rising sun appear, stand outside, facing the spot where the sun will rise (no sunglasses please).  State of dress is unimportant.  Whilst it feels more 'shamanic' to be outside, this is not a requirement either, and in the comfort of an East facing room is fine (especially if cold outside, which can distract from the ritual's process).  As with many shamanic rituals, there are only a few elements that are required, as most of these are simply helping you find mental cues to find your own healing and happiness, your own communion with Spirit / God.

Gather your intent for cleansing, clearing and opening the way for love and peace to enter your life and being.  As the light from the rising sun hits your closed eyes, feel its light passing right through you. 

Use your mind's eye to find/feel anywhere the light is not passing through cleanly and invite any blockage to dissolve and its stagnant energy to remobilise.  'See' or 'feel' the sun's light eroding any areas of blockages and any specific areas of shadow.  Feel those shadow areas getting smaller and less defined as the sun's light penetrates and reinvigorates the blocked life force.


You are not trying to get rid of energy here, any stagnant energy is still your energy, so all you are want to happen is to motivate and mobilise the energy; re-energised as clean and clear energy for your own health and happiness.

For those with a strong personal faith in the peace and love of God, use His love and light through your intent / prayer, with the sun's rays providing the physical vehicle for His grace.  If you are feeling spiritually fatigued or 'less than certain', use your clean and clear intent only.  Many find their faith renewed with this ritual, even if it was faltering before hand.

There is no real way to get this ritual 'wrong', except in using poor intent or egotism, which will result in nothing but seeing a nice dawn.  You may need to practice this a few or even many times before you find it easy and your clearing 'complete', but it is SO worth the effort.  For those who practice yoga for personal enrichment and without ego, this practice can be incorporated into this ritual too.