Walking in the Light


To lighten your load, mobilise your own energy and find more peace and ease  in your life, you can use this simple and effective ritual.aurora

Make the final thought to have when dealing with, talking about, thinking about or interacting with any person; “May peace and love be with you.”  That’s it!

You do not have to say it out loud, but it helps. It is a statement which holds innately positive intent. When you wish a person peace and love, it changes the way YOU think; it changes the energy of your spirit. The statement's intent brings a potential of positivity.

If you think that there is a person who does not deserve your true wish of peace and love for them, the only person you hold in darkness is yourself. Even after the most major fight, the most bitter argument, any interaction you'd consider negative (or neutral, or positive), finish it off with your wish, "May peace and love be with you." It changes you, and it changes the way you and they interact too.

I challenge you, try it for just three days. Every time you are finishing off an interaction or thought of someone, wish them, “May peace and love be with you.” I know that the difference will be felt clearly by anyone who tries it with the desire for a positive outcome. The changes are all positive; try it for yourself. It can’t hurt, and it might just help too! Jesus pretty much challenges every one of his followers to do this too, as does Mohammed, Buddha and pretty much every other large spiritual leader. You will find yourself judging less and loving more; it is pretty much inevitable if done cleanly.

This is walking in the light.

Three days.  Anyone can do this for three days; with clean intent, wishing every person in your life — in whatever capacity or role — peace and love.  I have not yet met anyone who has done this and not felt changed and lightened.  Old adversaries yield and reconcile, difficult situations dissolve into ease and magic happens.