May 192017

Especially on a shamanic path, we will often be exposed to clear, concise and well detailed visions of possible futures, or visions that feel like clear directions, insights, or even instructions at the time.

Are these visions valid? Quite probably.

The limiting factor is that they are a future potential as revealed to a person at a specific point in their life. On all life paths, and in shamanic lives especially, visions will be presented that often represent a literal future, and can, sometimes, manifest exactly as seen. More often than not, they point a direction and give the vision needed at the time.

That last condition is the important one; “needed at the time” is the key phrase.

As movement happens, growth happens, connections happen, and the stepping stones of a life’s path change. This does not mean that the vision will necessarily change, but this is also quite often the case. I have lost count, literally, of the number of times my life course has changed, and clear visions of a new future superseded the plans of old. Often, the changes make sense months or even years later, or change because of any number of external factors.

The key to walking this path, or any, is to take clear notice and meaning from strongly present, clear visions and input at the time, but to also recognise it as mutable and subject to change. It can be as simple as a single key player (possible unknown to you) in a specific plan not answering their call, so now there is a shift in direction. Changing dynamics on the world, country or local scene can shift directions quickly. There are too many factors, known and unknown, to cling to a specific vision as gospel, or even a specific input, even if totally accurate for that moment in time. Choices, lessons learned and unlearned, and life, gets in the way, causes turbulence in the flow, and just as rivers and valleys change their course over time, so do we. The river stays the same in nature and presence, just as the valley does, but changed in course.

In summary: Good, strong visions and input may be right at the moment, but beware of clinging to their details. Also be aware of what points are stepping stones, and keep an awareness on the end goal, and avoid obsession with the intermediate steps.

Blessings, Craig

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